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Clay Carnill

Producer of Outrage + Optimism

Clay Carnill is the producer of Outrage and Optimism, our weekly Climate Change Podcast.

Growing up, Clay was very involved with his family’s non-profit organizations travelling internationally building orphanages, food security programs, health clinics, and interfaith community centres that invested in vulnerable communities to help break the cycle of generational poverty. His passion for combatting the inequality crisis began here.

Clay graduated from the Recording Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and after moving back to Michigan to build a studio and his career, spent 10 years in the industry as a freelance audio and video editor for tv, commercial, documentary, radio, and film.

These freelance audio gigs mostly consisted of Michigan’s eclectic subcultures with a strong root in the automotive industry, but with his additional background as a musician, he spent weekends and summers travelling, playing guitar and bass for musical acts across the United States.

One podcasting became a more popular medium, Clay began producing many podcasts and Sirius XM broadcasts out of The Foundation Studio in Detroit, MI. The Foundation Studio is free-to-the-community podcasting studio built to amplify the diverse voices of Detroit.

You can find Clay’s previous work on Hulu, Prime Video, Sirius XM and other streaming services.

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