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Our Story

Our future relies on the choices we make now.


We have a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to face the existential risks of climate change head-on and build a better future right now.

We believe that choosing to face tough decisions head-on, with the determination to re-shape our societies and economies, regenerating our understanding of the world, is the only option that makes sense in the face of the climate crisis.

Within the challenges we encounter now – and those we are yet to find – are the most extraordinary opportunities for human ingenuity to triumph over fear of the unknown. The pursuit of a resilient future can only be achieved with a shared determination that transcends differences, to shape a better, thriving future for people and nature. Global Optimism's story is not ours alone; it's a story we hope to unfold with many others, including you.

Global Optimism works to inspire and catalyse transformations across our economies, and a renewed spirit of human achievement in the face of the climate crisis.


Future generations will most likely look back at the 2020s as the most significant turning point for action. Like every compelling story, the one we are etching into human history right now includes a winding pathway, uncertainty and existential threats. At the same time there exists immense possibility, striving for renewal.

We still have a choice about our future and every action we take from this moment forward counts. We know for certain that humanity is capable of responding to the climate crisis and the challenges contained within it.

With steadfast commitment to the task and understanding that failure is not an option, taking action to tackle climate change can be part of a new story of human striving and renewal. And when the story changes, everything changes.

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Global Optimism builds partnerships and campaigns with leaders from all sectors, and catalyses citizen actions. We all need to be willing to invest in the choices required to get us on track with what science demands - halving global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and actively restoring nature.


This is our unique opportunity to deliver a liveable future for generations to come. Time is of the essence, but since we have the tools, technologies and resources that no generation before us had access to, we feel this challenging journey is a unique privilege and we hope that everyone who has a part to play will join us.

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